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Engineered Electromagnetic Solutions for Critical Applications


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  • We believe that employee ownership makes us more engaged, motivated, productive, innovative, and happy; and we believe that our customers benefit as a result


  • We care about customer satisfaction, safety, productivity, company culture, our community, and more; because caring benefits everyone involved


  • We are committed to the long-term success of our customer, our employees, our company, and our community; when our customers succeed, so does our company, and our employee-owners are rewarded with an increase in the value of their retirement accounts

With over 50 years of solving critical customer applications, Windings has developed extensive and unique electric motor manufacturing capabilities covering a wide variety of motor types. As a full-service electric motor manufacturing company, Windings is a leader in the innovationoptimizationprototyping, testing, and manufacturing of custom electric motors, generators, and related components including rotorsstators, complete motor assemblies, lamination stacks, and insulation systems.

Certain applications, particularly those in outer space, are extremely sensitive to the presence of foreign debris such as dirt and dust particles. Because of this, any product intended for use in outer space must be manufactured in a strictly controlled environment by specially trained and certified personnel. Prior to moving into our current facility, Windings invested in a dedicated Clean Space manufacturing area to better serve our Aerospace and Space customers. Windings’ on-site Clean Space manufacturing area features:

  • Separate environmental controls

  • Increased FOD preventive measures designed into the room

  • Authorized personnel access only

  • ESD epoxy flooring

  • Increased luminosity

  • All essential functions contained within the Clean Space area

Windings’ electromagnetic solutions and manufacturing expertise extend across multiple motor topologies that include, but is not limited to:

  • Build to spec

  • Build to print

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Extreme environments

  • -40⁰C to +260⁰C temperature

  • Vacuum to 30,000 PSI pressure

  • Wet / washdown / salt spray

  • Cryogenic systems

  • Ultra-high-speed up to 100,000 RPM

  • High power density

  • Static and dynamic testing


  • Brushless DC

  • Permanent magnet DC

  • Wound field DC

  • AC induction (single and three-phase)

  • Synchronous (motors and generators)

  • Stepper

  • Switch reluctance

  • Transverse flux

  • Linear servo


  • Encoders

  • Resolvers

  • Hall sensors

  • Tachometers

  • Gearboxes

The Windings’ engineering team has partnered with some of the most widely recognized manufacturers in the world to deliver high-performance electromagnetic application. The experienced and talented engineers at Windings love a good challenge and welcome the opportunity to help you find a solution to your “impossible” motor applications.

One of the things that makes Windings unique is our stance on ownership of intellectual property. Unlike most motor manufacturers, Windings offers our clients the option to retain ownership of any unique intellectual property developed during the project, offering maximum flexibility for clients over the life of the product.

Windings has earned a strong reputation as a trusted partner by consistently delivering high-quality products and services that are optimized for the requirements of each application. To ensure the stringent requirements of the defense industry are met consistently, Windings’ Quality Management System (QMS) Certifications include ISO9 001:2015 / AS9100-D, ITAR Registration, and NADCAP Accreditation. In addition, Windings’ employs J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor to ensure the highest quality soldering operations.


  • Custom Electric Designs and Prototyping

  • Complete Motor Assemblies

  •  Reverse Engineering Legacy Designs


  • Lamination Stacks

  • Coil Winding

  • Coil Termination

  • Varnish Impregnation


  • Variety of Rotor Topologies

  • Permanent Magnet Fabrication and Retention

  • High-speed Dynamic Balancing

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