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Engineered Electromagnetic Solutions for Critical Applications


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Windings’ stator capabilities include custom hand-inserted stators for a variety of applications, including those with high-speed and high-temperature system requirements. Windings can wind stator coils and build custom stator assemblies from 0.5″ to 30″ (762 mm) in diameter and up to 2,000 pounds (892 kg). In addition, Windings offers precision machining and insertion of winding assemblies into housings.

Windings is 100% focused on providing custom electric motor solutions that are optimized, tested, and manufactured to client-specific application requirements. Our engineering team is comprised of design and manufacturing engineers having extensive experience in engineering magnetic rotor assemblies, wound stators, and complete motor assemblies. From performance and manufacturability optimization of existing designs to a complete engineering package from concept to production, Windings engineers have you covered.


  • Manual stacking

  • Interlocked lamination stacks

  • Bonding

    • 3M Scotchcast Electrical Resin 265

    • Magna-Tac E645® Epoxy Adhesive

    • Dymax products

  • Welding

    • Laser

    • MIG

    • TIG


  • Concentric

  • Distributed

  • Lap

  • Custom


  • Wire gauges: 16AWG – 43AWG

  • Polyimide round wire

  • Inverter grade

  • Nickel coated copper wire

  • Aluminum wire

  • Rectangular wire

  • Litz wire

  • Bondable wire

  • E-glass wrapped/silicone treated coated wire

  • Polyester/glass wrapped magnet wires


  • Soldering

    • IPC J-STD-001 certified instructor

    • Operators certified to IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610, including the space addendum

  • Fusing

  • Welding/Brazing – NADCAP certified



  • Kapton ®

  • Mica

  • Mylar

  • NKN (Nomex-Kapton-Nomex) material

  • NK (Nomex-Kapton) material

  • NMN (Nomex-Mylar-Nomex) material

  • Nomex ® 410, 414

  • DMD (Dacron-Mylar-Dacron) material

  • TFT (TufQUIN) material

  • Teflon

  • Fluidized powder coating

    • 3M 260

    • 3M 5230N

    • 3M 5555

    • 3M Fluidized resin coatings have been discontinued. Contact Windings regarding alternative options.



  • Dip

  • Vacuum

  • Vacuum/Pressure

  • Trickle

  • Encapsulation/Potting with various materials

Windings has earned a strong reputation as a trusted partner by consistently delivering high-quality products and services that are optimized for the requirements of each application. To ensure the stringent requirements of the defense industry are met consistently, Windings’ Quality Management System (QMS) Certifications include ISO9 001:2015 / AS9100-D, ITAR Registration, and NADCAP Accreditation. In addition, Windings’ employs J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor to ensure the highest quality soldering operations.

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