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Engineered Electromagnetic Solutions for Critical Applications


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  • Stators for undisclosed applications

As a small domestic supplier, Windings has a proven history of engineering and manufacturing high quality, reliable custom outer space electric motors, stators, rotors. From antenna deployment to payload actuation, brushless DC, and stepper motor solutions, Windings solutions survive reliably under the extremely harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and ultra-high vacuum, that exist outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Certain applications, particularly those in outer space, are extremely sensitive to the presence of foreign debris such as dirt and dust particles. Because of this, any product intended for use in outer space must be manufactured in a strictly controlled environment by specially trained and certified personnel. Prior to moving into our current facility, Windings invested in a dedicated Clean Space manufacturing area to better serve our Aerospace and Space customers. Windings’ on-site Clean


Space manufacturing area features:

  • Separate environmental controls

  • Increased FOD preventive measures designed into the room

  • Authorized personnel access only

  • ESD epoxy flooring

  • Increased luminosity

  • All essential functions contained within the Clean Space area


Windings’ on-site clean space manufacturing area ensures that the highest level of care and craftsmanship goes into the manufacturing of products intended for outer space electric motors. With J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor, Windings can help shorten the supply chain and reduce the introduction of outside risks.

Numerous space missions, both public and private, have included components and assemblies produced by Windings, including Parker Solar ProbeCuriosity Mars RoverMars 2020 Rover, Satellites, Space Vehicles, and more.

With more than 165 years of combined experience, the Engineering team partners closely with clients from a project’s inception to ensure an optimized outcome that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Windings offers design analysis and simulation, including electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical modeling, in order to provide the optimal solution design based on the unique requirements of the application. The decades of manufacturing experience that Windings has can be leveraged to offer Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA),  assistance to lower production costs, improve quality and increase throughput by optimizing the design solution for manufacturing with minimal impact on performance.

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