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Engineered Electromagnetic Solutions for Critical Applications


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Windings is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-speed permanent magnet electric motor and generator solutions for the Oil & Gas industry that withstand the high temperatures, high pressures, and caustic media present in modern oil wells. Windings has provided a wide range of motor-generator solutions designed for Rotary Steerable Tooling. Windings solutions for the Oil & Gas industry withstand extreme temperatures such as:

  • Temperatures to 260°C

  • Pressures to 30,000 psi

  • Reliability > 2,000 hrs.

  • Outside diameters from 0.875” to 6”

  • Aspect ratio up to 50:1 L/D

  • Power range from 25w

  • Shock tolerance to 50g

  • Electrical efficiency > 90%


Brushless permanent magnet motors offer significantly higher power density and efficiency compared to legacy induction motor solutions, allowing tool designers to significantly reduce tool string length and providing operators with significantly higher productivity.

Windings is 100% focused on providing custom electric motor solutions that are optimized, tested, and manufactured to client-specific application requirements. Our engineering team is comprised of design and manufacturing engineers having extensive experience in engineering magnetic rotor assemblies, wound stators, and complete motor assemblies. From performance and manufacturability optimization of existing designs to a complete engineering package from concept to production, Windings engineers have you covered.

One of the things that makes Windings unique is our stance on ownership of intellectual property. Unlike most motor manufacturers, Windings offers our clients the option to retain ownership of any unique intellectual property developed during the project, offering maximum flexibility for clients over the life of the product.

Windings has earned a strong reputation as a trusted partner by consistently delivering high-quality products and services that are optimized for the requirements of each application. To ensure the stringent requirements of the Oil & Gas industry are met consistently, Windings’ Quality Management System (QMS) Certifications include ISO9 001:2015 / AS9100-D, ITAR Registration, and NADCAP Accreditation. In addition, Windings’ employs J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor to ensure the highest quality soldering operations.

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