Windings’ Quality Statement

Windings Inc., an ESOP company, is committed to meeting the requirements of all interested parties with continuous improvement of our quality management system. This includes process analysis and listening to our internal and external customers.

Quality Assurance

Windings makes quality a priority at every level of the organization. From industry-recognized certifications to the implementation of concurrent manufacturing principals, we continually strive to improve and elevate company quality standards to ensure continual delivery of world-class reliability and consistency in all products and solutions.

Winding’s quality assurance team is comprised of quality engineers, technicians and inspectors with extensive experience in:

  • First Article Report per AS9102
  • Customer-specific requirements
  • Electrical characteristic testing
  • Mechanical dimensional requirements
  • Special processes
  • CAPA and non-conformance reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure analysis and reporting
  • Customer source inspection
  • Continuous improvement
  • Part traceability
  • Customer communications

Quality Measurement

  • Basic Electrical (resistance, inductance, etc.)
  • AC/DC Surge and Hipot
  • Corona
  • Back EMF
  • Megohm
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Dynamometer (torque-speed)
  • Detent Torque (torque ripple)
  • CMM Dimensional
  • Magnified Visual
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