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Based on several successful projects developing on-board Auxiliary Power Unit generators for commercial aircraft, Windings earned a reputation as a leader in the development of small (100kW) generators for off-grid power generation. For more than three decades, Windings has partnered with numerous clients to develop generator solutions for gas, wind, and ocean current turbines as well as internal combustion-driven portable power units. High power density, high efficiency (over 90%), and the ability to survive in the hostile environments that exist in remote and isolated locations are the hallmarks of Windings-inspired generators.

As a full-service provider, Windings is a leader in the innovation, optimization, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of custom electric motors, generators, and related components including rotors, stators, lamination stacks, and insulation systems. One of the things that makes Windings unique is our stance on ownership of intellectual property. Unlike most motor manufacturers, Windings offers our clients the option to retain ownership of any unique intellectual property developed during the project, offering maximum flexibility for clients over the life of the product.

Windings has earned a strong reputation as a trusted partner by consistently delivering high-quality products and services that are optimized for the requirements of each application. To ensure the stringent requirements are met consistently, Windings’ Quality Management System (QMS) Certifications include ISO9001:2015 / AS9100-D, ITAR Registration, RoHS 2002/95/EC, and NADCAP Accreditation. In addition, Windings’ employs J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor to ensure the highest quality soldering operations.


  • How is AS9100 different from ISO9000?

AS9100 is a quality management standard targeted to the Aerospace industry. ISO9000 is a quality management standard targeted to other industries not related to Aerospace.

  • What does AS9100 mean?

AS9100 is a quality management certification published by SAE.