Windings is a leader in designing and manufacturing high speed permanent magnet electric motor and generator solutions for the Oil & Gas industry that withstand the high temperatures, high pressures and caustic media present in modern oil wells. Windings has provided a wide range of motor-generator solutions designed to survive in extreme environments that far exceed the capabilities of standard electric motors:

  • Temperatures to 260°C
  • Pressures to 15,000 psi
  • Reliability > 2,000 hrs.
  • Outside diameters from 2-1/8” to 6”
  • Aspect ratio up to 50:1 L/D
  • Power range from 15Kw
  • Shock tolerance to 50g
  • Electrical efficiency > 90%

Permanent magnet brushless DC electric motor solutions from Windings are designed to enhance or replace traditional induction motor-driven hydraulic systems, while electric generators and electric motor-generator solutions significantly reduce battery size and extend power availability between charges. Brushless permanent magnet motors offer significantly higher power density and efficiency compared to legacy induction motor solutions, allowing tool designers to significantly reduce tool string length and providing operators significantly higher productivity. And the addition of alternators downhole significantly increases available power and further increases productivity, particularly as well bore depth increases.

  • LWD/MWD Alternators

    LWD/MWD Alternators
  • Hydraulic Pump Alternators

  • Hydraulic Pump Electric Motors
    Hydraulic Pump Electric Motors