Oil & Gas Motors

For more than 20 years, Windings has pioneered the development of high efficiency electric downhole motors and alternators/generators for critical upstream applications in the Oil & Gas industry. As a full-service provider, Windings is a leader in the engineering, prototyping, manufacture and support of custom electric motors, alternators and related components designed to survive and perform under the hostile conditions present in Oil & Gas drilling.

To overcome the limitations and drawbacks of batteries, Windings has developed extremely efficient downhole motors and alternators/generators for downhole applications. Alternators provide consistent, unlimited power to the drill string if mud flow is present, creating a new standard for uptime. Windings offers very high efficiency power turbine generators (alternators) for Logging While Drilling (LWD) / Monitoring While Drilling (MWD) well drilling applications.

Electric downhole motors have been used for several years to drive hydraulic pumps and provide torque for wireline traction wheels due to their ability to provide digital control and programmability… a significant advantage over hydraulic motor solutions. Tool string engineers who recognize the possibilities for improved control are now looking for additional opportunities to electrify, including driving the drill bits themselves. Windings is a leader in high efficiency, high aspect (L/D) motor engineering and manufacturing for wire line tractor motors and tool string motors used during well intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HPHT mean?
High Pressure High Temperature.
What is the benefit of using a permanent magnet motor for downhole tooling?
PM motors for downhole offer higher efficiency at larger operating ranges of torque, speed and power.
How to make an electric motor survive in downhole tooling applications?
Electric motors can survive in downhole tooling applications by the proper identification of requirements and the subsequent engineering work to ensure the requirements are achieved.
What are the benefits of using an alternator in downhole tooling?
Alternators are able to replace expensive and dangerous batteries.

Downhole motor solutions from Windings offer:

  • Proprietary insulation system, allowing operation up to 260 degrees C and 30,000 psi
  • Highest efficiency (over 90%) permanent magnet construction
  • Industry leading torque and high speed performance capability
  • Protection against aggressive media/fluids
  • Reliability > 2,000 hours
  • Shock tolerance to 50g


  • Engineering Services
    • Application Analysis
    • Design Analysis & Simulation
    • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Optimization
    • Concurrent Engineering
    • DFMA Analysis
    • Process Documentation
    • Tooling and Fixture Design
  • Part Production
    • Motors
    • Rotors
    • Stators


  • Brushless DC
  • Permanent Magnet DC
  • Single- and Three-Phase Induction Motors


  • Temperatures to 260°C
  • Pressures to 15,000+ PSI
  • Aggressive Media/Fluids
  • High Aspect Ratio Form Factor (L/D to 50:1)
  • Reliability > 2,000 Hrs.
  • Shock Tolerance to 50g
  • Electrical Efficiency > 90%


  • Provider of Custom, Integrated Electromagnetic Solutions
  • Focus on Critical Applications in Extreme Environments
  • Engineering Partner to Our Customers
  • Customer Ownership of Custom IP