Countless motion control manufacturers offer standard motor products for standard applications operating in a standard industrial environment. When a standard solution isn’t the answer, particularly for critical applications where high performance and long life matter, Windings can help. Windings’ engineering team has partnered with some of the most widely recognized manufacturers in the world to deliver high performance electromagnetic application solutions that survive in hostile environments ranging from subsea submersibles to Mars spacecraft. The experienced and talented engineers at Windings love a good challenge, and welcome the opportunity to help you find a solution to your “impossible” motor applications.

Typical Motor Requirements:

Component Motors

  • Direct drive motors
  • Torque motors
  • Rotor/stator part sets

Extreme Performance

  • Ultra high speed
  • Ultra high efficiency
  • High power density
  • Low torque ripple

Extreme Environments

  • Ultra high / low temperature
  • High pressure
  • Vacuum
  • High shock / vibration
  • Wash down / submersible