As a small domestic manufacturer located in New Ulm, MN, Windings has been an invaluable supply chain partner providing aerospace electric motor solutions to the United States military and defense industry for more than 50 years. From AC synchro motors used in avionics, to BLDC rotors and stators used in fuel pumps, flap actuators and munitions deployment, Windings has earned a solid reputation as a full-service provider of custom electric motors, rotors and stators designed for mission critical applications on military aircraft.

Windings offers a full spectrum of aerospace electric motor engineering services to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients; ranging from innovation, optimization and prototyping to testing, low rate initial production and full rate production of custom electric motor and motor component solutions. We seek partnering relationships with our clients where our talented engineers and project managers act as an extension of our client’s project team; allowing increased design optimization, condensed project schedules and lower total cost of ownership.

Recent Military Aviation Program Experience