Windings has been a trusted supplier of custom brushless DC motors, generators and electromagnetic components to the Aerospace industry for over 50 years. Founded in 1965 to produce synchro motors used in commercial and military avionics, Windings is well versed in the design and regulatory requirements driven by the unique environmental hazards and performance challenges associated with air and space operations.

As a full-service provider, Windings is a leader in the innovation, optimization, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of custom electric motors, generators and related components including rotors, stators, lamination stacks and insulation systems intended for mission critical aerospace applications. One of the things that makes Windings unique is our stance on ownership of intellectual property. Unlike most motor manufacturers, Windings allows our client to retain ownership of any unique intellectual property developed during the project, offering maximum flexibility for clients over the life of the product.

Windings partners with numerous government agencies and prime contractors to deliver a wide variety of solutions. From fluid pumps and flap actuators to antenna positioning and solar array deployment, Windings’ products can be found on a wide variety of fixed wing, rotary wing and space craft.

Windings has earned a strong reputation as a trusted partner by consistently delivering high quality products and services that are optimized for the requirements of each individual application. To ensure the stringent requirements of the Aerospace industry are met consistently, Windings’ Quality Management System (QMS) Certifications include ISO9001:2015 / AS9100-D, ITAR Registration, RoHS 2002/95/EC and NADCAP Accreditation. In addition, Windings’ employs J-STD-001 Application Specialists and a J-STD-001 Certified Instructor to ensure the highest quality soldering operations.

Motor Technology Competency

  • Brushless DC
  • Permanent Magnet DC
  • Wound Field DC
  • Single- and Three-Phase Induction
  • Synchronous (Motors and Generators)
  • Switched Reluctance
  • Transverse Flux Machine
  • Velocity and Positioning Sensors

About Us

  • NAICS codes: 335312, 336413, 336419
  • CAGE code: 0BDB7
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