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Founded in 1965 to produce synchro motors used in commercial and military avionics, Windings has developed a competency and business model around engineering electromagnetic solutions for critical applications. Consequently, our focus industries deal with applications where performance and size matter, and where environmental hazards present a significant engineering design challenge.

Our focus industry expertise revolves around complex custom electric motors. Our engineering team has empowered projects for subsea operations such as downhole drillingFormula 1 racing electric turbochargers, and antenna deployment motors on space satellites. For more than 50 years, Windings engineers have designed solutions for difficult or seemingly impossible electric motors applications.

Certain applications, particularly those in outer space, are extremely sensitive to the presence of foreign debris such as dirt and dust particles. Because of this, any product intended for use in outer space must be manufactured in a strictly controlled environment by specially trained and certified personnel. Prior to moving into our current facility, Windings invested in a dedicated Clean Space manufacturing area to better serve our Aerospace and Space customers. Windings’ on-site Clean Space manufacturing area features:

  • Separate environmental controls

  • Increased FOD preventive measures designed into the room

  • Authorized personnel access only

  • ESD epoxy flooring

  • Increased luminosity

  • All essential functions contained within the Clean Space area

Windings is 100% focused on providing custom electric motor solutions that are optimized, tested, and manufactured to client-specific application requirements. Our engineering team is comprised of design and manufacturing engineers having extensive experience in engineering magnetic rotor assemblies, wound stators, and complete motor assemblies used in civil and military aircraft, missiles, robots, medical equipment, oil well drilling, military vehicles, and more. From performance and manufacturability optimization of existing designs to a complete engineering package from concept to production, Windings engineers have you covered.

With more than 165 years of combined experience, the Engineering team partners closely with clients from a project’s inception to ensure an optimized outcome that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Windings offers design analysis and simulation, including electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical modeling, in order to provide the optimal solution design based on the unique requirements of the application. The decades of manufacturing experience that Windings has can be leveraged to offer Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA),  assistance to lower production costs, improve quality and increase throughput by optimizing the design solution for manufacturing with minimal impact on performance.

Windings offers clients the option to own any unique intellectual property developed by Windings for their application. Our view on IP gives Windings customers the flexibility they need to prevent supply chain issues related to single sourcing, protecting business assets that are core to their business. Intellectual Property retention is recommended for customers who need assistance developing their projects’ design and want to safeguard their project’s information and supply chain. For more information on retaining your application’s IP, contact our team!

Airliner Front View


  • Brushless DC Motors

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors

  • Wound Field DC Motors

  •  And More!

Aircraft Carrier Aerial View


  • Air

  • Land

  • Naval and Marine

  • Weapon Systems


  • Downhole Tooling

  • Rotary Steerable Tooling

  • Wireline Tooling

Red Car on Highway


  • Motorsports 

  • Passenger Cars

  • Commercial Vehicles

Wind Farm


  • APU Generators

  • Off-Grid Generators

  • Portable Power Units

  • Gas, Wind, and Ocean Current Turbines

Automation Arm


  • Ultra-High Speed and Efficiency

  • High-Power Density

  • Low-Torque Ripple

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance

Medical Centrifuge


  • Surgical Power Tools

  • Surgical Robots

  •  Fluid Pumps

  •  Laboratory Centrifuges

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