Not every company has the luxury of having motor design experts on staff, and very few new engineering graduates elect to pursue a career in motor design. Add to that the plethora of available motor technologies, and ever-evolving manufacturing methods, and the process of selecting the right motor technology and developing an optimized solution can quickly become overwhelming.

Windings’ engineering team is well versed in most major motor topologies in use today, is devoted to staying current on the latest developments in motor technology and has extensive experience engineering solutions for a wide variety of critical applications in industrial, commercial and military environments. Leveraging Windings’ engineering talent and experience early in the definition phase of your project will result in an optimized motor solution, a significantly condensed project schedule and an overall project cost savings for your company.

From basic motor sizing and performance calculations on new designs to root cause failure analysis (RCFA) of field failures on existing products, Windings engineers can analyze your application challenges and partner with you to engineer successful solutions. Don’t waste another minute. Submit the Application Assistance Form and a Windings Sales Engineer will contact you.