Windings’ engineering team is comprised of design and manufacturing engineers with extensive experience in engineering electric motors, magnetic assemblies, rotary components and manufacturing equipment used in civil and military aircraft, missiles, robots, medical equipment, oil drilling, military vehicles and more. With more than 165 years of combined engineering experience and access to the latest design tools, Windings’ engineering team offers a host of professional engineering services to compliment and extend your internal capabilities. Services include application analysis and solution design assistance, part design analysis and simulation, prototype testing and reverse engineering of existing / legacy designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ‘build to print’ and ‘design to specification’?
Build to print when customer supplying the full definition of the product, including all drawings and specifications, design to specification means customer supplying some set of requirements- physical dimensions input and output parameters in this case full definition of the product has to be develop.
How do I reduce losses in a motor?
The best way to reduce losses in the motor is to minimize winding resistance and stator core losses by using low core losses magnetic material.
What are the benefits of Samarium Cobalt versus Neodimium Iron Boron?
Samarium Cobalt typically has higher operating temperature than Neodimium Iron Boron.
What is greatest magnet wire slot fill?
With certain stator construction 95% can be achieved.

Technical Expertise

  • Brushless DC motors
  • Permanent magnet DC motors
  • Wound field DC motors
  • Single and three phase induction motors
  • Synchronous motors and generators
  • Velocity and positioning sensors
  • Switched reluctance motors
  • Transverse flux machine
  • Manufacturing tooling and fixture design

Our engineers are supported by engineering technicians and documentation specialists that are skilled both mechanically and electrically to provide packaging for our client designs, as well as technical documentation for our manufacturing team. With Windings’ 50-year history of manufacturing electric motors for critical applications, combined with our engineering team’s skills and experience, you can be assured that your project will transition smoothly and seamlessly from engineering and prototyping to pilot and full-rate production.