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Extreme Durability for Extreme Environments

D - Series Motors 


DuraCORE Series Oil & Gas Drilling Motors

DuraCORE™ motors are Windings latest innovation in providing downhole drilling motor solutions for the oil & gas industry.  Thanks to a partnership with W.L. Gore & Associates™, in an effort to create a more durable and resilient motor for the oil & gas industry, Windings engineers were able to utilize GORE Magnet Wire.  GORE magnet wire has capabilities that far surpass that of polyimide insulated wire like   What they created is now known as DuraCORE, a motor that far surpasses the durability wires for downhole tooling were previously expected to achieve.  GORE Magnet Wire’s greatest advantage is its revolutionary insulation, and superior environmental performance in contrast to the industry standard which use the polyimide insulated magnet wire.

High Temperature

Unmatched Performance

Tested and outlasted the industry standard at 200° C, and able to survive downhole at temperatures of 260°

High Pressure

Unparalleled Durability

Tested against the industry standard at 30 Kpsi, industry standard failed at 22 Kpsi, DuraCORE motors are capable of 34 Kpsi


Resistance to Hydrolysis​

Ability to survive flood events, and an exceptional resistance to chemicals & oils.  Water solubility in oil tested up to 4% water content.

D-Series Pre-Engineered Motors

To reduce lead time and the risk of downhole failures, we bring you the DuraCORE D-Series.  Pre-engineered standard downhole motors available in 3 sizes, designed to save you time & money

Custom Motors

As a leader in custom motors for over 50 years, we can build your motor with GORE Magnet Wire to deliver the benefits of DuraCORE.  We can also help you optimize your custom motor or our engineering team can help you design one with GORE Magnet Wire technology!

The DuraCORE Difference

What separates Windings DuraCORE™ Series from the competition? Windings engineers utilized W.L. Gore & Associates new GORE Magnet Wire in crafting our DuraCORE™ Series Motors. Proven to be more durable than the industry standard downhole motors, DuraCORE can withstand a combination of high pressure and high temperatures with a superior resistance to hydrolysis.

DynaQUAL Motor Testing

Through testing to replicate the downhole tooling environment at Dynaqual Testing Lab in Houston, the DuraCORE motor was tested against the industry standard NEMA 1000, Section 3.54 atoperational conditions of 200° C, 30Kpsi, and 4% water content (as shown in graphs above).  At these harsh variables which simulate the more extreme conditions in downhole tooling, the DuraCORE motor was able to reach 34Kpsi and 200⁰ C, and remained operating. In contrast, the motor made with polyimide insulated magnetic wire did not even reach the simulated downhole environment conditions before failing at 195⁰ C & 22Kpsi. Failing is indicated in the graph where the resistance measurement falls to zero

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