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Engineered Electromagnetic Solutions for Critical Applications


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From AC synchro motors used in avionics, to BLDC rotors and stators used in fuel pumps, flap actuators, and power plants for electric flight, Windings has earned a solid reputation as a full-service provider of custom electric motor solutions designed for mission-critical applications on commercial aviation. We seek partnering relationships with our clients where our talented engineers and project managers act as an extension of our client’s project team, allowing increased design optimization, condensed project schedules, and lower total cost of ownership.

Windings offers a full spectrum of custom aerospace electric motor engineering services to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients; ranging from innovation, optimization, and prototyping to testing, low-rate initial production, and full-rate production of custom electric motors, rotors, and stators intended for the Aerospace industry.

Windings is 100% focused on providing custom electric motor solutions that are optimized, tested, and manufactured to client-specific application requirements. Our engineering team is comprised of design and manufacturing engineers having extensive experience in engineering magnetic rotor assemblies, wound stators, and complete motor assemblies used in commercial aviation. From performance and manufacturability optimization of existing designs to a complete engineering package from concept to production, Windings engineers have you covered. And unlike our competitors, Windings offers our clients the option to own any unique intellectual property developed by Windings for their application.

With more than 165 years of combined experience, the Engineering team partners closely with clients from a project’s inception to ensure an optimized outcome that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Windings offers design analysis and simulation, including electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical modeling, in order to provide the optimal solution design based on the unique requirements of the application. The decades of manufacturing experience that Windings has can be leveraged to offer Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA),  assistance to lower production costs, improve quality and increase throughput by optimizing the design solution for manufacturing with minimal impact on performance.


  • Ram Air Turbine (RAT)

  • Wind turbine generator for emergency power backup


  • Starter Generator


  • Stators for undisclosed applications

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