I am impressed by the clear level of focus around quality when I visited on-site in New Ulm.

Aerospace Customer

We appreciate you having program managers – we’ve worked with other suppliers who do not, and we notice the difference.

Mechanical Project Engineer, Automation Customer

The stators that we have been getting from WINDINGS for this shipment of motors has been excellent. The wiring and the varnishing on them have been impeccable. There have been no incidents of them being out of tolerance. They are passing the mechanical calibration easily. Very nice job, and it makes our job so much easier when we do the shrink fit process.”

Lead Technician, Defense Customer

Thanks for following up on our conversation since our visit to Windings. You’ve answered my concerns in regards to the quality of work at your facility especially of taking detailed images of work performed regarding products built at your facility. Windings was open to suggestions and in fact agreed to modify work instructions and internal drawings. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company such as Windings be confident in their products as to have an open discussion on the processes that are being built for our country.

Thank you very much for your support.

Electrical Engineer, Aerospace Customer

We appreciate their commitment to quality & delivery. Our production line becomes more efficient and we can more easily predict our ship dates to the customer.

Also, no issues with the Rotors as well!

Program Manager, Defense Customer

OMG! The stator just arrived, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! That is just one awesome looking piece of work. The winding and end turns look great and the extension is so amazingly compact. I realize it sounds terribly nerdy to say this but we all looked at it and marveled.

President/CEO, Aerospace Customer

The Zeiss information on the Rotor shaft that Windings provided for us was very helpful. Our Government inspector checks the rotor shaft diameter and keyway with calipers and is always impressed and comments on the excellent machine work on those dimensions.

Quality Engineer, Defense Customer

You are my first choice for reliable motors and you have proven the Windings quality in the past, so I’ll keep you in the loop.

Oil & Gas Customer

The Dream Chase (Tail 1 is now named “Tenacity”) is on track for our 1st ISS Cargo Resupply mission towards the end of next year. I saw last week that they were bonding heat shield tiles to the frame. Our applications using your products include (qty/vehicle): Flight Control Actuators (5) (upper & lower flaps & rudder); Wing Deploy Actuators (4); Wing Lock Actuators (8); and Solar Array Drive Actuators (2) for the “shooting star” cargo module. You have delivered all of your content for Tenacity, and we are currently beginning procurement for Tail 2.

Thank you for your support in this and all of our important projects. I hope and trust that we can continue to grow and improve a mutually successful relationship.

Senior Motor Manager, Outerspace Customer

Thank you again on a very successful order and shipment and what I would say is some great teamwork between the two companies!!!!

Supply Chain Lead, Defense Customer

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