At Windings, each employee is valued as a critical contributor to the company’s overall success. Windings is committed to providing a stable work environment and equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity, innovation, collaboration, teamwork, continuous improvement, and valuing differences form the core of Windings’ culture. Employees work together to improve processes, and the dedication they have for their company is reflected in the quality and performance of products.

Windings’ understands that life exists and extends beyond the boundaries of the work environment. That’s employee owners are offered great options to live life in balance across work, education, family and friends.


You won’t find off-the-shelf electric motors and components here. Every product or service we provide is tailored to fit the unique requirements and restrictions of our customer’s application. Windings works on a variety of exciting applications; Motors and components travel to the moon, drill down below sea-level, reach speeds over 200 mph around a track, and handle life-critical functions in an operating room.