Stators in Housings Making a Stator

Windings understands the cutting edge aspect of design and can help you through the project development process. That depth of knowledge means customers can be assured that their project is being manufactured in a way that best meets their specification and specific application. Windings can help with material selection and provide input on which materials to use and what the alternatives are. From stator options such as lams, adhesives, varnishes, insulation systems, and solders to brazing materials to stator testing, Windings is a world leader in stator development and production.

Windings also offers stators, rotors, stator/rotor kits, and full motor and generator sets, reducing the number of suppliers needed and ensuring the highest quality final product.

Stator Capabilities:

  • Lamination bonding and welding
  • Insulating powder coating of stacks
  • Coil winding
  • Soldering, joining and brazing
  • Trickle and vacuum varnishing
  • Machining of finished stacks/assemblies
  • Electrical testing
  • Design parameters: Proximity effect losses, skin losses, surge/corona, PEL
  • Stator testing: theory/algorithm of the test surge, corona