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Employment Overview:

Windings, Inc., in New Ulm, Minnesota offers talented individuals an exciting work environment to flourish and grow!

Windings, Inc., supplies advanced custom motors for our international customers. Our applications range from aiding in the landing of an unmanned, lunar Rover onto the Martian surface, to boosting high performance race cars.

Windings, Inc., is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (E.S.O.P.) company. At Windings, the purpose of the ESOP is to reward eligible employees for their service and to recognize employee’s efforts aimed at solving complex customer motor needs. Company shares are allocated to employees and are held in an ESOP trust until the employee retires or leaves the company. Eligible shares are then sold and the former employee receives a lump-sum cash distribution as a retirement benefit.

As an employee, you will experience highly talented people working collaboratively on one-of-a-kind technology. Employees are encouraged to never stop learning, actively participate in their career development, and to grow their skills focused on solving never seen before challenges. You will receive feedback on your performance and be encouraged to go beyond what you think possible. Recognition from your supervisor and others is just the way we work. But most importantly, you will experience the PRIDE in everything we do and make. Before you know it, your first job will become your life-long Windings career!

We are excited you have invested time to read and learn about Windings. We hope you will review the job opportunities and apply. If our jobs do not match your career interests, we invite you to come back real soon and check us out.

Core Values:

Remarkable ownership

  • We expect a lot of ourselves as co-owners of OUR company.
  • Always be accountable and always hold others accountable.
  • Productive conflict breeds remarkable results.

Remarkable Partnerships

  • Fight for the customer.
  • Seek win-win solutions for all stakeholders.
  • Value long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Remarkable Community

  • Be good stewards in local and industry communities
  • Become a destination; not a starting point.
  • Always doing the right thing….always.

Remarkable Horizons

  • Dream big and don't be ashamed of it.
  • Embrace change as the possibilities are limitless.
  • Big pictures aren't only in Hollywood.

Remarkable Advancement

  • Be the technological superstar in our industry.
  • Creative teams yield extraordinary results.
  • Know that we are never done learning.

Employee Benefits:

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